NABŪ is a House & Electronic DJ based in Washington, D.C.

After years of absorbing compounded inspiration attending performances by legendary artists at D.C. staple House venue, Flash, NABŪ was (almost inevitably) born at the turn of the decade, on January 1st, 2020.

In ancient Babylonian history, NABŪ is considered the patron god of wisdom and scrolls, and of all growing life— the meaning of his name is, “to speak” or, “the announcer”. Correspondingly, NABŪ seeks to speak the unspoken through his music and to take listeners on an intricately layered sonic journey each and every time he plays. His mixing style can be characterized by the frequent and simultaneous layering of tracks, an added dimension allowing for a wider range of sounds to come together as one.

Stemming from Tunisian descent and having traveled to and lived in many countries during his youth, his multicultural upbringing is infused in the booth, offering a unique and complementary blend of European, African, and Mediterranean flavors to his listeners. Simply put, NABŪ will always surprise his listeners, appealing most to those craving genuine depth in the music they allow themselves to indulge in— sometimes, even taking himself by surprise.

NABŪ has provided direct support for a wide range of artists, including: Adana Twins, Amine K, DAVI, Hot Since 82, Roy Rosenfeld, and SABO— to name a few.