Labels: Rist Records, Cafe De Anatolia, Pipe & Pochet

Majnoon is founded by KhaiKhan (Kayhan Yakarlar), the founder of Radio Istanbul (RIST) & Rist Records.

Advancing with the motto of "music rising from the east"; the mission of the band is to translate the values and the immense culture it inherits from its homeland to contemporary life, and thus “to reach universality from locality.”

All their performances are completely improvised, created at “the moment”, along with extremely talented musicians. Their soulful energies are condensed into sounds and melodies conveyed to the audience.

Oriental, ethnic, and spiritual tones are often used in their performances.Striving to reflect

The universality of music on stage, the group is presented under the name of ETHNIC UNIVERSE. Accompanying instruments include Ney ( Reed flute ) & Duduk, Clarinet, Qanun, Darbuka, Percussions, Balaban, Saxophone, Kabak Kemane, Cumbus, Baglama , Vocal, etc.

Their tracks have been released and licensed on numerous labels around the world. They made musical collaborations. and played in the same organizations with friendly names. Collaborated with artists such as
Claude Challe, Papa Dj, Dest, Estray, Rodrigo Galliardo, Laroz Camel Rider, Anatolian Sessions, Dole & Kom, Sahale, Mercandede, Omer Nanda, Veleyle, Jota Karloza, Acid Pauli, Armen Miran, Okay Temiz, Viken Arman, Timboletti, Ali Farahani, Shan Nash, Billy Esteban.

Khaikhan is also the music curator and director for some of the top venues in Istanbul and the world.