Labels: Gardens of Babylon, Abracadabra, Kindisch

Music carries history, memories, and stories. Baham aims to express these spirits in the rhythm of electronic dance music, melding the old and the new into a mystical expression of infinite cultures and enchanting beats. The Doctors and a collective of artists are involved in this all-encompassing project and that is very fitting; after all. Baham (bəˈhäm | با ھم), meaning "together" in Persian, is a collaborative project of music, art, & culture. Montreal based duo 'The Doctors' have been DJing underground parties and festivals for over a decade.

They started producing music as a fun way to incorporate the sounds of their childhood and a chance to collaborate with friends & family.

They draw from a rich history and enjoy the opportunity to share it with others.

Their music has been featured on labels such as Kindisch, Abracadabra, Supernature, and Gardens of Babylon.

They bring together elements of folk music reinterpreted through electronica. Their ‘You Are Simin’ EP for Blond:ish’s Abracadabra will tickle your technicolour senses, and with an added remix from Gab Rhome & Adisyn, another spiritually affecting release enters the Abracadabra catalog. The lead track of their debut EP ‘You Are Simin’ is a culmination of this duo’s stylistic growth and movement through various collaborative projects, with every element of the release capturing part of their life journey. Played by H.O.S.H. as the opening song of his Cercle set in India to great audience acclaim; this release is on the set to drive the momentum for Baham’s debut solo moment.

Inspired by old 70’s recordings from the duo’s collection, it represents the bringing together of their history, culture, and an eclectic group of friends as collaborators who have contributed through music, video, art, and spirit.

The radio edit of ‘You Are Simin’ is accompanied by a music video from Kajart, an award-winning multi-me­ dia production studio based in Toronto, working on a collage of found-footage videos, superimposed and accompanied by 2D animation. The longer Original Mix features an animated artwork from renowned artist Ali Sabet, known for incorporating his unique “love script”.