Anastasia Bondarenko is a Ukraine-born International Fashion Model and DJ based in NYC. After graduating high school she relocated to Milan and Paris to launch her full-time modeling career, and has subsequently been featured in several notable publications including Vogue, Elle, Grazia and Harper’s Bazaar. Frequent travel between the world’s fashion capitals afforded Anastasia the opportunity to immerse herself in each cities’ unique culture. This helped to foster her collaboration with countless artists across Europe and the U.S., and ultimately, her love and passion for music. Her tastes are comprehensive and eclectic, ranging from New Jazz/Lounge to Hip Hop to Electro/House to Indie Dance/Nu-Disco. Depending on time frame, event type and client Anastasia tailors the perfect playlist using her own signature sound. By keeping her finger on the pulse of current trends and new releases, and engaging the crowd at every occasion, she creates a stunning atmosphere in any venue.